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The Creative Process Review (CPR) is a unique solution for catalogers who require an overview of their creative team, process, and vendor relationships. This program begins with an on-site portion to kick off a three-month implementation period. Since 1991, we have worked with many firms, successfully guiding them through the creative process, saving them time and money along the way.

The CPR typically examines three areas. The first is staffing and structuring roles. The second is a review of your creative process, including timelines, production, review cycles, and proofing. The third is a review of your vendor relationships and contracts.

All this is accomplished in four stages. First, we ask for specific materials and information that will give us insight into your current processes. Second, the on-site data-gathering portion helps us learn about your company so that the recommendations made are appropriate. Third, you receive a written evaluation with specific suggestions within one week of our on-site portion. Fourth, after prioritizing the recommendations, the implementation process will allow you to achieve the desired changes.

The data gathering is an important component of the review, giving you the impetus to think deeply about your creative team and process, even before the recommendations are made. In addition to allowing new information and solutions to begin to emerge, a review will confirm, or correct, the intuition you already have.

You may be a candidate for CPR if you can benefit from one or more of the following:

  • Analysis of your creative team staffing (number of employees, skill levels, organizational structure, etc.)
  • Recommendations in areas such as productivity, technology, work efficiency, procedures, and use of advisors
  • A review of your outside vendor relationships and contracts with photographers, pre-press, paper suppliers, and printers
  • Improved profitability through an optimized process
  • More effective management of your creative team, resulting in employees with better morale, and a greater sense of teamwork
  • Evaluation of whether you are better off working with outside vendors vs. bringing skills and services in-house
  • Efficiency check-ups to be sure you are making the most of your time and money while performing regular tasks
  • Streamlining in-house processes, such as proofing, approvals, and executive-level sign-offs

The Creative Process Review, step by step:

  • Discuss your situation briefly by phone, gathering sufficient data from which to prepare a specific proposal
  • Choose a mutually acceptable date. The on-site portion for creative teams of up to about eight employees can be accomplished in one day. Larger teams require additional time
  • Accept written proposal by signing and returning one-page agreement along with deposit of roughly one-third of the total cost
  • Complete surveys and data gathering in preparation for on-site portion
  • Conduct on-site review consisting of interviews, discussions, listening, etc. Work in the office can generally continue without disruption, except for the specific individuals involved
  • Review some high level recommendations before departing and receive written recommendations within one week
  • Expand on recommendations where necessary over the following weeks
  • Communicates by phone and email to begin prioritizing specific strategies to accomplish your goals
  • Continue communicating by phone to provide ongoing guidance for three months at no additional charge

Location: Your office and then remotely

Duration: From one to three full days on site, depending on the size of your team

Deliverables: Hours of expert advice, written summary recommendations, later expansions as necessary

Unlimited Remote Implementation: 3 months

Participation Requirements: Principal/Finance gather materials for 1–2 hours. Employees answer survey for 30–60 minutes. Principals participate for roughly one-half of the on-site time. Selected managers and key employees participate for 2–4 hours. Selected employees participate in 20-minute interview.

We brought Rick in to review our team — 12 people who were doing a good job but who were not coordinated in how they worked. After interviewing each member of our creative staff, Rick came back with some eye-opening revelations and recommendations that we were able to implement quickly, resulting in a happier, more cohesive team.

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