Why Hire Us?

Using an outside marketing and/or creative agency may seem like overkill to you. Maybe you’ve only heard about large companies using them. Maybe it just seems unnecessary.

If you’ve reached the level where your sales, revenues, and/or new customer acquisition is flattening out — if you’re looking to bump up website visits, store visits, email response, AOVs — your marketing and creative strategy is one of the easiest ways to address it.

But couldn’t you just try to fix it yourself? Work with your graphic designer who did an awesome job on your logo and your website? Ask one of the company founders who went to business school what they think you should do? Or read a ‘how-to’ guide online? Of course you could, and many companies do.

But a select group of retailers who want to put their best foot forward — retailers who are ready to invest in their image in order to get to the next level — know that hiring an agency can give them every advantage of convenience and an incredible team of experts that can focus on their needs.

Think about the last time you had a quarterly (or monthly, or weekly) sales review that showed less-than-stellar results.

You needed to do something to get the numbers up, or there would be serious consequences for the company, and possibly for you.

How much research did you do? How many nights of meeting prep did you do? How many hours of putting together your presentation?

When the stakes are high, you spend the time to do it right.

So why is it that so many companies don’t spend the time to focus on the image they want to portray?

Once a company’s look and feel is set, most people don’t spend much time thinking about it, but their look and feel allows them to control the way the world sees them. And that should continuously evolve.

You can read marketing blogs or ask your friends for advice, or even spend time looking at what the competition is doing. But is that the shortest path to the best solution for your company?

You deserve a team of experts who have years of experience in direct marketing and creative who can concentrate on your specific needs.

That’s where R Squared Marketing comes in.

Our 3 goals for our clients:

1. To be your trusted advisor. We have experience on both the client side and the agency side of the direct marketing business, and we know what we’re doing. We’ve done it for our own companies, as well as for dozens of other companies. Our years of work have paid off for every client we’ve worked with, as we’ve seen higher response rates, new customer acquisition, and increased AOVs. We’re not your average agency, we are a trusted advisor to every client we work with.

2. To create a strategy that fits your brand — and delivers results. If you look through our portfolio, you won’t see two catalogs that look alike. That’s because we don’t work within our style, we tailor our work to fit your style. After we begin working together, we will quickly develop a solid understanding of your brand which will allow us to create a winning strategy for you. We can confidently say that the changes we will help you implement – actually work. And that means increased sales, new customers, higher revenues, and a more engaging experience for shoppers.

3. To make you look like a hero. We love creating heroes, and it’s even more fun when the heroes are our clients. We know that bringing in an outside agency can be stressful, but when we are engaged with our clients and we work together to turn those numbers around, everyone wins.

Are you interested in learning more? We’re always happy to talk — and if we both feel that there’s a good fit between our companies, we would love to add your brand to our portfolio.

We'd love to add your brand to our portfolio.

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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